3D Intelligence

3D Intelligence

Discover how our systems work with 3D-Intelligence technology.

3D-INTELLIGENCE is the heart of the GRIPONE systems. The general traction control systems activate a proportional power reduction when the sliding or the wheelie is over a certain value (defined by the user). With GRIPONE instead matters are a bit more elaborate!
The bike provides data (coming from the speed sensors, the motor and the inertial platform) that are processed from the INPUT MANAGER. The INPUT MANAGER combines the data and obtains as a result other physical quantities (such as the roll angle, the lateral acceleration or the wheel load and others) which serve to establish the dynamic condition in which the vehicle is located.
The condition of the vehicle is then managed by VEICHLE DYNAMIC MANAGER, the most important block of GRIPONE system. The condition of the vehicle is treated as a coordinate in a four-dimensional space. This coordinate is inserted inside of the so-called “ellipse of adherence”, that is the safe zone within which the rider can stay. If the dynamic state of the motorcycle exits the area bounded, it is defined a “error”.
The error is sent to another block called POWER MANAGER. This, according to the type of engine, provides (as result) a proportional power reduction, able to help the pilot to go back inside the safety zone.

Here’s how to figure out the real difference between our systems! Both the GRIPONE CHRONO TC and GRIPONE S3 include within them almost the same blocks for the calculation of the intervention on the bike (except for the Traction Control Auto Correction included into GRIPONE S3). The substantial difference lies in the way in which the user can act on all the configuration parameters.
The GRIPONE CHRONO TC is the result of intensive work of aging. Only a few basic parameters (by which you can manage the operation of the system) are visible to the user. The system then combines these few parameters to automatically generate all control parameters (30 in total) necessary to the VEICHLE DYNAMIC MANAGER. For the user it is easy to manage the system because it must only increase or decrease the intensity of the control that want to change (such as the traction control). If the user needs more control into the corner, he increses the traction control of one step. The unit, with a “cascade system” decides to adjust every single parameter involved into the traction control strategy to get what the user wants. From other hand the system has some kind of limitations in terms of personalization.

With GRIPONE S3 the user has access to all configuration parameters. It is as if the user could write directly inside the VEICHLE DYNAMIC MANAGER. This offers great potentialities, making the system extremely flexible. On the other hand it can become difficult to maintain control and easy “lose the way”, by changing one of the parameters in the wrong way.

Of course it is understood that the system GRIPONE S3 offers other advantages and additional options such as the ability to connect the DAM data acquisition and manage additional strategies (such as the PIT LIMITER and QUICK SHIFTER). Anyway the strategies of power control (traction control, anti-wheelie and launch control) work in the same way on both systems GRIPONE S3 and GRIPONE CHRONO TC. The biggest different for GRIPONE S3 is the AUTO CORRECTION system for traction control. Even if the user loads a map with a sensitivity not suited to his riding style, the system will be able to correct yourself. Relatively in a short time frame (equivalent to a 3-4 laps of circuit, more less 15km) GRIPONE S3 calculates the ideal sensitivity, depending on how the rider is using the bike and optimizes it. At each stop the system will take note of the differences (from sensitive of loaded map and the correction) and it will replace the Map has been loaded with the optimized independently. Without any modification from the user, the GRIPONE S3 will be able to optimize the setup.