A sophisticated inertial platform

GRIPONE IMU CAN is the new inertial platform designed specifically for use on motorcycles with traditional or electric engine, for sports or road use. Inside it has two 3-axial accelerometers ,one 3-axial gyroscope and 3-axial compass , thanks to which it is able to detect the dynamic position of the vehicle. A complex algorithm processes the data, comes from the sensors, to calculate the roll angle, the pitch angle, eliminating completely the typical drift effects of these devices. All data are made available for other devices via CAN bus communication.

A complete module for dynamic vehicle management

GRIPONE IMU CAN, in addition to determining the space orientation of the bike, has two digital inputs, thanks to which it can acquire the signal of the speeds of both wheels. These intelligent inputs are able to detect speeds from different types of sensors, such as proximity sensors or even the original ABS speed sensors.
Thanks to this peculiarity, GRIPONE IMU CAN becomes a real vehicle dynamic control module. The thinking heart of the inertial platform includes traction control strategies, anti-wheelie strategies and engine brake strategies. Thanks to the integrated control strategies, GRIPONE IMU CAN can generate directives (via CAN towards the main control unit) on power management in order to maintain normal driving conditions. All strategies are refined by ten years of experience in the sector, through the GRIPONE product line.