GRIPONE ISIDE is the last generation of motorcycle traction control systems designed and produced by GUBELLINI. It is a extremely fast traction control and reliable anti wheelie control. The installation is extremely easy because the system is completely Plug&Play. You don’t need brackets or cut wires, just plug in and go.


    Extremely fast predictive traction control function to keep under control the spinning of rear tyre. You can ride safe and fast


    Anti wheelie function supported by the inertial platform to accelerate as much you can and keep the front wheel just few centimeters off the ground


    State of art inertial platform to estimate the tyre load and grip level in every condition you are

  • Quick shifter

    With optional gear shift sensor kit GRIPONE ISDE works as proffesional quick shifter. One device for many functionalities

3 IN 1

Included 3 different functions: traction control, anti wheelie control and (for some motorcycles) quick shifter (with the additional sensor). Each function can be adjusted separately according your needs


The base kit includes all you need to install GRIPONE on your motorcycle. The kit is completely plug&play so you do not need any modification on wiring loom or parts of the bike


It is fast in installing and it is fast in reacting against tyre sliding or wheelie. “Being fast” is the concept at the base of GRIPONE


GRIPONE ISIDE was born from the union of our previous products (GRIPONE S3, GRIPONE S4 and GRIPONE LEONE), bringing together the best of each but not only. Before the “GRIPONE ISIDE” era, the choice between our three products was not clear and sometimes difficult. For this reason we have thought of a product that in addition to being avant-garde, could also respond to the needs of our customers in a clear way. Today the choice is simple because in a single product you can have all the characteristics of the three previous products. All at a lower price.

GRIPONE ISIDE is the last generation of traction control systems for motorcycles. It includes the functions of traction control (to keep under control the spinning of rear tyre) and anti wheelie control (to keep the front wheel just few centimeters off the ground). By the optional gear shift sensor kit, GRIPONE ISIDE is able to work as quick shifter. The great innovation inside GRIPONE ISIDE is that it can work with or without speed sensors. It is the only one on the market that uses a sophisticated inertial platform in combination with the RPM signal. This characteristic lets GRIPONE ISIDE be incredibly easy to install and fast in reacting to the rear tyre spinning. It does not need any computer to be programmed, it is “ready to go”.


TRACTION CONTROL. When we say that GRIPONE ISIDE can work with or without speed sensors on the wheels, it means that GRIPONE ISIDE base kit does not include the speed sensor . At this stage, the traction control works using a sophisticated algorythm that evaluate the tyre load, the lean angle (by the inertial platform) and the RPM rate of change. When these three parameters do not match the correct range, GRIPONE reduce the power to avoid the sliding of rear tyre.

As soon you plug the optional speed sensors kit, GRIPONE ISIDE is able to detect the wheel speeds and automatically it start to function using a second set of strategies to control the rear sliding. At this stage GRIPONE is more powerfull and more accurate then any other system, because it combine both strategies appling the propper power reduction.

ANTI WHEELIE CONTROL. As well, the anti wheelie control use two different set of strategy. Without speed sensors, GRIPONE ISIDE evaluates the pitch angle and the pitch rate by the inertial platform. As soon the pitch angle is bigger then a certain value, GRIPONE reduce the power.

When you include the speed sensors in your GRIPONE system, the anti wheelie apply the  second strategy estimating the front and rear speed and their accelerations. One more time at this stage GRIPONE combine both strategies to evaluate the propper power reduction.

“DOUBLE” MEANS BETTER. In this case we can say that double is better. We can rely on two separated group of strategies for traction control and two separated group of strategies for anti whellie control. Do you know what this means?


Two different algorithm at the same time that react is different situations


Different calculation, executed following different path make the system much more precise


With or without speed sensor! if you have a problem the system switch automatically from one mode to the other mode. You are covered, always


In a few words: more powerfull because it covers double of scenario that can happens riding your bike