How it works: Wheelie Control Strategy

Discover how your anti wheelie system works with the 3D – Intelligence technology.

GRIPONE include several control strategies. All of them are connected to the 3D-INTELLIGENCE control system, but each one works following a specific philosophy.

The wheelie, in addition to being spectacular, is important if you want to get maximum acceleration when you exit from a curve. When using a motorcycle with a lot of power, when coming out of the corner, the longitudinal acceleration (that along the axis of movement of the bike) transfers all the weight on the rear wheel to the detriment of the load of the front wheel.

The acceleration limit is represented by the detachment of the front wheel from the asphalt. The best possible acceleration is achieved when the front wheel is slightly raised off the ground and when the bike does not change its pitching angle. For this reason the anti wheelie control is very important to optimize the acceleration out of the corners.

The speed detected at the front wheel does not always represent the actual speed of the motorcycle. In fact, when the bike wheelies, the speed measured at the front wheel decreases while the speed measured at the rear wheel increases. This divergence of speeds, together with other information coming from the inertial platform, makes it possible to define the level of wheelie of the motorcycle and keep it under control.

If we want to describe the anti wheelie control strategy in few words, we can say that the user fix sensitive of the system to detect the wheelie. When the wheelie is detected and too big, the strategy start to reduce the power. When the wheelie of front tyre come back to normal (under the value) the strategy stop to reduce the power.

Itself the strategy of anti wheelie looks quite simple but the reality is much more complicate because it is quite difficult estimate the real level of wheelie. GRIPONE together with 3D-INTELLIGENCE estimates a “motorcycle real speed”. This real speed is not the speed measured from the front wheel because it drops during the wheelie. As well it is not the speed measured from the rear wheel, because it is bigger then real speed (due to the spinning). Only when the “motorcycle real speed” is calculated properly, the anti wheelie strategy can calculate the level of wheelie. By the user input (that fix a certain sensitive) GRIPONE compare the amount of wheelie and decide if reduce the power or do not reduce the power.

The real vehicle speed is one of the most complex calculation into the GRIPONE strategies. A very accurate value come from the correct initialization of inertial platform. Without the inertial platform IMU the estimation of real vehicle speed is not that good.